Jamie's Tips and Freebies: Coupon Train Information

Coupon Train Information

Jamie’s Tips and Freebies Coupon Trains
*If interested in joining the coupon trains please send me a private message on my Facebook page or thru my “contact me” tab on my blog.*

What is a Coupon Train?
A Coupon Train consists of a conductor and up to 5 passengers. The conductor will start the train with 50 coupons that have an expiration date of at least a month or more and mail the train to the first passenger on the list. The passenger’s take out which coupons are useful and any expired coupons and replaces with new coupons. For example: if you take out 4 coupons, you must replace 4 coupons (and be sure to remove expired coupons).

Coupon Train Guidelines
Remember the most important part is to have FUN and be FAIR!

The conductor will start the train with 50 coupons that do not expire for at least 2 weeks and send to the first person on the list. You can add doubles if they are over the 50. I do not recommend over 60 coupons as that will increase the cost of mailing the train. People will not participate if it costs too much to mail.

When you receive the train, take out as many coupons as you can use as well as any expired coupons.

Replace the coupons that you took out with new coupons (that DO NOT expire within two weeks) and send to the next passenger on the train. There needs to be at least 50 coupons that do not expire within two weeks. Please include a return address on the envelope and on the back side of the envelope please write the name of the train. ALL TRAINS MUST BE MAILED TO THE NEXT PERSON WITHIN TWO BUSINESS DAYS!

Eligible coupons include any of the following types of coupons only….manufacture or store coupons, coupons from the newspaper, tear pads, blinkies, magazines and printable coupons from the internet (must be printed properly).

Train Passengers and their interests:

Buddha Train:
Jamie Barton
Desiree May
Casey Decker Parker
Gina OHern

Chicky Train:
Jamie Barton
Amy MacLeod
Helen DeVita
Eileen Osterhout

Buttercup Train:
Jamie Barton
Lacey Beebe
Colleen Barton
Dianne Duke

Cutie Train:
Jamie Barton
Lisa Schaffer
Sherri Wilcox
Kari Wike Nichols

*Casey Decker Parker
Clairol Nice & Easy Root Touch up
Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt
Pepridge Farms Light Style Wheat

*Amy MacLeod
Juice/Juice Boxes
Diet Pepsi
Granola Bars
Deodorant male/women
Body Wash
Laundry Soap
Fabric Softener

*Helen DeVita
Paper Goods
Herbal Essences
Green Giant
Healthy Choice
Old Spice

*Gina OHern
Cleaning Supplies
Fruit Snacks
Stuff for Kids Lunches

*Desiree May
Cereal (General Mills)
Yogurt and Go-Gurts
Fruit Cups
Coffee Creamer
Goodnights (night time underwear)
Chicken Nuggets
Frozen Veggies (Green Giant or Birds Eye)

*Eileen Osterhout
hair care products

*Lacey Beebe
Huggies diapers or pampers
enfamil formula
 pampers wipes
 laundry soap
 fabric softener
 toilet paper
 goodnight pull ups
 food of any sorts
 cat litter
 dog and cat food
 dog and cat treats
 women products

*Colleen Barton
Dog/Cat Food
Cat Liter
anything food, snacks, juice

*Dianne Duke
campbell soups
 general mills, post and kelloggs cereals
 dove bath soap
 always pads
 tampax tampons
 bic razors(men & womens)
 any kind of snacks for kids (like granola bars n etc)
 prego/ragu sauce
 bounty & scott products
 wisk/era/all/arm & hammer laundry detergents
 dove & palmolive dish soaps
 Aussie/clairol hair products
 any kind of juice

*Kari Wike Nichols
paper products
frozen foods

*Sherri Wilcox
(pretty much anything)

*Lisa Schaffer


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